The Day Australia’s Tastiest Strong Coffee Was Born

The Day Australia’s Tastiest Strong Coffee Was Born

Ever wondered how our delicious, intense and STRONG coffee come about in the first place?

Did we just wake up one day and decide that collectively, we all needed something even MORE highly caffeinated to get us out of bed?  Have too many years of coffee roasting decreased our caffeine sensitivity to the point where we need double the charge to get the same old buzz?

Almost, but not quite.  In fact, we began to develop our smooth, tasty high caffeine blend after an interesting conversation with our neighbours in Marrickville, the superfit humans who run CrossFit Creature.


Our Head Mongrel, George Sabados, happened to be chatting with the CrossFit Creatures one day when they got onto the topic of coffee, and how important it is to the CrossFit lifestyle.  Alongside a penchant for Paleo and a devotion to WOD’s, coffee is a crucial part of the equation, providing a natural stimulation to improve performance and burn more fat.

Our friendly neighbours were experimenting at the time with Bulletproof coffee, which they ordered online, brewed up with a plunger in the gym and mixed with coconut oil and a mystery powder to fuel their workouts.

The problem was, it tasted like… well, like shit.  The coffee was too mild in flavour to cut through the concoction, giving a weak and watery brew which might have provided a short-lived spurt of energy, but was completely bland in taste.

George saw this as a personal challenge.  Over the coming weeks, he selected different beans from his stash – those which he knew naturally contained more caffeine – and experimented with the roasting process to create a smooth but strong coffee, higher in caffeine than usual but without the jittery after-effects.

Australian Coffee High CaffeineOur CrossFit mates were only to happy to act as guinea pigs, and after a few rounds of changes, we waited with baited breath as George unveiled the final version of Mongrel Joe’s High Caffeine Coffee.

We’re proud to say it knocked the socks off the Crossfit Creatures, who are customers to this day (don’t worry, we give them mates rates!)

And it gave us the idea that there might be a market out there for a strong Aussie coffee blend which is as tasty as it is caffeinated.

So Mongrel Joe’s was born!



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