Feedback from a Mongrel!

Feedback from a Mongrel!

You asked how I found out about Mongrel Joe’s Coffee.. I am only too willing to give you an insight.

I was looking for a proper cup of expresso coffee that did not taste bitter, burnt, or have to be washed down with copious amounts of sugar, and water.

Having tried a few different roasters locally and some from the supermarkets, specialist delis, I found nothing that would taste like coffee without the burnt bitterness.

So I went searching for specialist roasters, and George Sabados name came up. I did some research and Mongrel Joe’s came up. At the time there was also an ad in Mens Health that I decided to follow up. However it was not until recently I took the plunge and ordered a expresso grind of Mongrel Joe’s.

My order arrived promptly after three days! I got stuck into making a brew. one taste and I have become addicted. So smooth, no bitterness, lovely crema (almost like a mini Guinness some days), a very strong buzz and excellent to get things going. I have never looked back and now am even reluctant to get a $5 cup of dubious “bilge water” from a “ Coffee shoppe” much rather wait get home and savour a fresh brewed cup of Mongrel Joe’s.

There is a difference. I would recommend anyone who is a true coffee connoisseur to at least sample Mongrel Joe’s. Check out the website, Facebook , etc and get informed!
Time to go have another cup of Joe  and put some Mongrel in it.


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  1. I like to think of myself as a coffee connoisseur I don’t drink instant and I do not think you could put those two words together instant coffee should not be allowed in the English language it is Espresso or nothing your coffee van with the team leader name Leo comes around to my work at Castle Hill every morning and I am so so glad he does your coffee is a perfect start to the day my name is hammer and I have been blessed with the perfect cup of coffee and it is called mongrel thank you guys keep grinding

    April 6, 2018 Reply
    • Hey Hammer,
      Sounds like your name says it all!! Hammer name, hammer coffee! We’ll let Leo know about your feedback!

      And sorry for the delay, we had to go out and get those beasts of beans 😉

      August 10, 2018 Reply

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