Feedback from a Mongrel!

Feedback from a Mongrel!

You asked how I found out about Mongrel Joe’s Coffee.. I am only too willing to give you an insight.

I was looking for a proper cup of expresso coffee that did not taste bitter, burnt, or have to be washed down with copious amounts of sugar, and water.

Having tried a few different roasters locally and some from the supermarkets, specialist delis, I found nothing that would taste like coffee without the burnt bitterness.

So I went searching for specialist roasters, and George Sabados name came up. I did some research and Mongrel Joe’s came up. At the time there was also an ad in Mens Health that I decided to follow up. However it was not until recently I took the plunge and ordered a expresso grind of Mongrel Joe’s.

My order arrived promptly after three days! I got stuck into making a brew. one taste and I have become addicted. So smooth, no bitterness, lovely crema (almost like a mini Guinness some days), a very strong buzz and excellent to get things going. I have never looked back and now am even reluctant to get a $5 cup of dubious “bilge water” from a “ Coffee shoppe” much rather wait get home and savour a fresh brewed cup of Mongrel Joe’s.

There is a difference. I would recommend anyone who is a true coffee connoisseur to at least sample Mongrel Joe’s. Check out the website, Facebook , etc and get informed!
Time to go have another cup of Joe  and put some Mongrel in it.


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