Heavyweight Subscription

From: $119.90 / month

Join Mongrel Joe’s Pack with a Heavyweight Subscription and receive;

  • 2 x 1kg of Mongrel Joe’s coffee per month (we ship them together so pop one bag in your freezer until you need it).
  • FREE Mongrel Joe’s Flexfit cap AND T-shirt (RRP $65.00 total) with your first order
  • FREE 200g coffee beans to send to a friend each year (supply their name and address in the shipping notes and we’ll do the rest).
  • FREE shipping (value $10 per month)

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Mongrel Joe’s roasted coffee beans are strong. They’re full of flavour. They’re the heavy-weights in the coffee world. We think of them as the Joe Mendoza of prize fighters. They’re the equivalent in taste of bare-knuckle boxing; they’re totally full-bodied. Any other coffee shot is just a contender.