You Want Strong Coffee, Australia?

You Want Strong Coffee, Australia?

If you just googled ‘strong coffee Australia’, you’ve come to the right place – Mongrel Joe’s is the best tasting strong coffee in Australia.

We’ve proved it in a blind taste test with a panel of independent coffee-lovers.  We’ve proved it to ourselves by sampling our competitors blends…. yikes.  Now we want to prove it to you.

There is no ‘lab-testing’ process by which coffee is rated according to caffeine content in Australia, so we encourage you to be your OWN guinea pig.

Buy a 200g bag of coffee in our online shop today.  Grind that strong coffee up, brew it according to your preferred method, and drink a good-sized cup before your next workout, run, cycle, swim or gym class.  Don’t go overboard.  This is powerful stuff.Weight Training Coffee

Then come back to us and tell us how you felt.  Did the best-tasting strong coffee in Australia enhance your performance?  Did you reach a PB, or smash a gym record?  Did you feel like you had more energy and more stamina than usual?

We’re confident that you will.  So confident that we want to hear from you if it doesn’t live up to our promise as the most delicious strong coffee Australia has ever seen.

Try Mongrel Joe’s today and review us on Facebook, or drop us a line via our contacts page.  The good, the bad, the ugly – we want to hear it.  It all goes into the mix of making our high caffeine blend ever more tasty, so it can keep on smashing its own PB’s!

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  1. Hey, Looking to start a mobile nitro cold brew I want it to be the strongest coffee on the block, just wondering if you could get me some bean prices etc, I’d be interested in promo materials and ideas you have to promote you’re band, cheers

    October 18, 2017 Reply
    • Sorry about the delay. Manager is away until Monday 23rd. I will get him to contact you as soon as he gets back.
      Our apologies.

      October 20, 2017 Reply

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